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AA Meetings Held Here .... BYOB.

I felt like writing today, just for the shit and giggle sake of writing.
But I don't know what I feel like writing about, so bear with me.
I've been doing a lot of vicodin lately, that may be why... lol


I've been doing a lot of fractal art lately.  I decided it's fun, even though I'm not very good at it yet I don't think ... But I'm practicing and getting better. 

I had therapy today.  It was fun.  Except that the doctor that Alicia and I both see was being very mean to her.  Because she's a bitch.

What else ... Oh, I've been thinking of going to college for photography ... And something to do with computers, because I'm not sure being a photographer pulls in much income... So I need at least two skills to support me in my life.

Besides selling drugs.

Gonna watch a couple of movies tonight with Caleb and Alicia ... Should be fun.  I hope.  Hope I don't fall asleep again, heh.

Oh, but on the downside, I seem to be losing more and more money everytime I turn around... Apparently someone opened a dispute claiming they haven't received their product, even though I shipped it PRIORITY on the 2nd... So... I don't know. Fuck.

On a brighter note... I have vicodin, and it makes boogers worth eating.  lol
I wonder, is there like, a "booger-eaters-anonymous" online somewhere?  Or like, a group meeting somewhere?... HMM...Something to ponder...

Thus ends my post.   Blahhh.
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