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Good news, meet bad news.

So the bad news is...
Alicia and I broke up. </3
We were not happy anymore.
It was mutual.
We're still best friends though, and she now is happy with her new girlfriend.
So it's decent news, anyways.

Now for some comic relief.

Dave: Ugh. Seriously. Let's just be gay. Gay people aren't mean; they just buy scented candles.

Dave: dude you have no idea how hard i was laughing when i saw that... i was also thinking I knew it! Sigh's acually a 13 year old girl!
Me: You KNOW I'm not a 13 year old girl, what the fuck!

Dave: Dude, do you have that new volcano taco from taco bell down there?
Me: Yeah, why?
Dave: It's not anywhere near volcano.  It's like, the Gary Coleman of spicy. Not much to expect.
Me: lmao.

Dave: ϖ ϖ
Dave: They look like butts.
Me: It looks like butts.
Dave: lmao WOW
Me: lmao!

Dave: lol no I never had sex with her
Dave: BUT
Dave: I shall
Dave: in her BUTT
Me: hahaha.
Me: Another victim of Buttfucker Dave.
Dave: lmfao
Dave: ...
Dave: Buttfucker Dave
Me: Sorry, Studly Buttfucker Dave.
Dave: lmao
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