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9/10/08 02:53 am - Change.

So. I completely changed around my Livejournal layout... I think it looks nice.  My background picture is a picture I took myself.  I think it's beautiful.  Photoshopping was done by Alicia... cuz she is awesome.

[ dot ]
[ dot ]
[ dot ]


Someone help me out. =)

Pretty please?

9/5/08 09:01 am - Do you like sexy goth girls covered in blood?

I think overdosing is nature's way of saying "That wasn't your best idea yet."

Anyways. Back to my original question. Do you? I have photos for you. ;o)

Visit this link.  http://dreamsstillweep.deviantart.com/gallery/#Slutface

Models: Alicia, my beautiful baby - Kassidy, our pretty little friend, and David.. the murderer. =D

And feel free to check out the rest of my gallery... I'd appreciate that. =)  And if you feel like it... show your friends! =D  That would be awesome.

Love to all ...

9/1/08 03:48 am - ....

You're a star, steal my car- just save me
On a roll, sell my soul- forgiveness
Crossed with red, think I'm dead- its over
Words you said, leave my head- or hold me
Holy ground, cup of dirt- down payment
Smell your shirt, and I hurt- till tomorrow
I feel like I'm chasing the guy from Lucky Charms
Fell in love, out of love- still dreaming
Flying blue, without you- slow motion
Baseball champs, gothic vamps- and stage fright
I laugh hard, as a guard- I'm crying
Now you're gone, I'm a wave- without direction
Baby born, lost its way- in the forest
I feel like I'm chasing the guy the from Lucky charms
Now I'm gone
Now I'm gone
Now I'm gone
All alone
All alone
All alone

Now I feel like I'm chasing the guy from Lucky charms
All alone
All alone
Leaving home
Leaving home
All alone

8/30/08 10:52 pm - I have decided.

I like morphine.

Man, I'm so tired.

I want to buy the book "Are You There, Vodka?  It's Me Chelsea!"

by Chelsea Handler ...

And I hate people who fuck over other people ...

Like my mom's roommate.  Blah.

This is a poem I wrote while I was harshly feeling the lack of sleep I suffered the other night .....

Good Morning, Wood

Oh, how I so wish,
You weren't here every morning.
You cause me so much grief.
You make my mother scorn me.

Oh, for just one morning,
How I wish I could,
Wake up and not have to say:
"Good morning, morning wood."

Yeah... That's the kind of thing that happens, when I lose sleep. =)

8/18/08 03:46 pm - Hello again, LiveJournal World...

It has been 125 weeks since I've last updated my Livejournal... but I missed it, so, here I am.  How fare thee, world of livejournal?

A few things have dawned on me these past few months, and I felt like sharing.

#1)  Have you seen these new things they have for pet hair?  They're gigantic laminating sheets.  Who thinks of this stuff?  Really, what kind of pothead was sitting around one day and said, "All this hair my cat's been shedding is annoying me... what if someone made a really, really...really big laminating sheet, and stuck it to the couch to take all the pet hair off of it?... That's brilliant!"

...People these days.

#2) Isn't it kind of funny how the term "Make fun of" is thought of today as cruel and malicious, when originally the term simply meant what it says... To make fun of!  To make something fun, or humorous.  Not to be evil or malevolent, just to be comical... or giggly, like the pothead who made the giant laminating sheet things for pet hair!


I think that's all for now...

Peace be with all. <3   

3/26/06 12:51 am - These two should be married. Like, forserious.

A bloodthirsty devil in the shape of a girl.
One mortal at a time, she slaughters the world.
A deadly grip on the throat of her victim.
Bored to bits, she only wants to play with him.
Her fingers are long and slender with deadly nails,
With a venomous touch, like scorpion tails.

Her teeth like a bonesaw, to rip through skin.
She finds her Heaven in a world full of Sin.
She lures them in with a glance of seduction,
Her wicked half-smile sends the instruction.

"Come a little closer, you know what you want. Of course,
What you don't know is that I only want you for your cold corpse."

He walks boasting a cocky little grin, he thinks that he's in it.
But she had something in mind that he obviously didn't.
With her precious fangs, pearly white, piercing as her stare.
She wants only one thing - a body filled with flesh to tear.
She wants the blood, the insides, she wants them all,
She wants to nail his eyeballs to her blood-drenched walls.
But he doesn't know, his hormones rage, strutting in strides,
She smells it in him, her hormones flare, he won't survive.
All she wants is the blood swimming through his veins,
His last day will be filled with unimaginable pleasures and pains.

"Come a little closer, you know I want your body.
What you don't know is I want it pale, cold, and rotting."

If He Chooses
His mouth exhales a series of murders.
But he could never Truly hurt her.
"Worry less, It was all for the very best,"
Spoke the knife standing from her chest.

As it drips in Red like semen from the virgin's hole.
Ripped, torn, deflowered, then devoured whole.
Needles conspire to penetrate those pretty veins...
He skull-fucked her because he liked her for her brain.

His tears drop in a string of grisly mutilations.
His name stings frightened lips all across nations.
He doesn't love a soul, and cares for even fewer.
His heart pumps only the contents of the sewers.

The newest girl, they hear, was brave and showed no fear.
They found her on the picket fence, throat slit from ear to ear.
He fucked the wound and filled it with his filthy love.
Near her corpse, he lay the remains of a severed dove.

It got worse with his first, he was obsessed with her eyes.
He reached and gouged it out while fucking her from behind.
As her screams got him off, he fingered the bloody eye hole,
Turned her around, knocked her out and finished in her skull.

The first boy was a priceless toy he'd never forgotten.
His corpse lay in his bed still, tied, dried, and rotten.
He still plays with the parts he'd kept of the once living.
Gnawing the bone, fucking the skull, receiving as much as giving.

And he'll never stop, he just can't get enough.
Without a slaughter, there's just no getting off.
He'll take every little piece if he so chooses to!
And you should feel lucky if he so chooses you.

3/20/06 12:21 am - borrowed dreams of some imagined future. all wrapped up inside this borrowed dream.

Razorblade rainbows to cut by the time,
Candied needles to pierce fallacious eyes,
Precious pins to push in through the skin,
Neon black hearts in dreams of the sins.

A soul ground into pixie dust,
Broken bonds of liar's trusts.
Infectious cavities of decaying crust.
The skin is rotted, and joints rust.

Pray for innocence, pray for youth.
Pave in roses, the path you choose.
Else litter with men smiling in a noose.
But whatever you do, just don't lose.

The path you choose is up to you,
It's up to you whether you win or lose ...

3/19/06 09:21 pm - This is no Star of Mine. This happens all the Time...

You won't see what I've become.
You'll wait and watch and still,
You're only let down.

You won't see what I've become .....

'Cause this feeling,
Has dawned the face of you.

A Violent Reaction.
Struggling only to keep myself alive.

My ears hurt.

3/17/06 05:41 pm

Dear Diary,

My day sucked.
My face is scraped and sore.
My knees are bruised.
My happy mood was beaten.

I hate people. I hate people. I hate people a lot.


PS. Happy St. Patty's.

3/15/06 08:23 pm - Double fuck nuts!


Cut Out My Eyes [I Don't Know]
I don't know if I'm coming down this time, babe.
I don't know if this wound heals,
I don't know if these scars fade.
I don't know how to tell you this,
I don't know if I can keep living this way.
(Cut out my eyes, so I can't see our past exists.)

I don't know how to remember to breathe.
I don't know why I can't seem to think straight.
I don't know when things became so bleak.
I don't know why I can't stop my shaking.
I don't know exactly what you do to me.
(Cut out my eyes, so I don't see the smiles you're faking.)

I don't know this time, how things will end.
I don't know how we made it as far as we did.
I don't know why you turned away from me for him,
I don't know how things are different from then.
I don't know why we try to bury all our sins.
(Cut out my eyes, so I can't see those horrid things again.)

The faces of the past are still haunting me.
Your breathing is just begging to break my heart.
The sound of those voices are everso taunting.
You tried to write past and ripped the paper apart.
You lied, you told me love me, need, want me.
(Cut out my eyes, your face is starting to scare me, sweetheart.)

I know there's so many better than me, in your eyes.
That's really quite easy for me to see, despite the lies.

Your words hide a ring of truth, but a ring is just an outline.
In your actions lies the proof, that you've never been just mine.

(Why am I always second-best?)

So willing to bleed that I've wedged a razorblade between each rib.
So desperate to please that I've given everything that I can possibly give.

Have I become too scarred to heal? I couldn't let myself believe this is real...
We broke the vows in blood we sealed, I'm too scared to even feel...

(How do I end up following the rest?)

I'll sit and pick and rip the scabs, just to pry open the wounds.
When I sat nights, alone and cried, I saw your face in the bloodiest of moons.

I traced my hands over this flesh that you've turned into scars.
When I hung my head, cold and dead, remembering when we used to wish on stars...

(How can I be expected to breathe the same air?)

My heart has become only an empty casket, a hollowed shell.
Just remember the days we swore we'd walk each other out of hell.

The end.

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